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How an Ino/Sakura girl's night out would go:

shortitude (0:47:01): the girls need a night out...=/a
shortitude (0:47:22): a night out of maybe sakura coming home tipsy for a change, and purring into his hair.
a moment alive (0:48:04): HAHAHA YES
a moment alive (0:48:15): oh my god, so much yes
shortitude (0:48:19): LET'S....
shortitude (0:48:23): FUCKING DO THIS PLEASE?
a moment alive (0:48:35): YES
shortitude (0:49:23): and if guys try to pick them up
a moment alive (0:49:29): lmfodsfjkdlasf
shortitude (0:49:32): ino can claim to be sakura's girlfriend
shortitude (0:49:35): and make out to prove it
a moment alive (0:49:36): HAHAHA
a moment alive (0:49:40): omg
shortitude (0:49:42): and then drag each other home cackling
a moment alive (0:49:46): they should vow like
a moment alive (0:49:47): no men
a moment alive (0:49:52): this is a girl's night
shortitude (0:49:54): yes
shortitude (0:49:55): like
shortitude (0:50:11): "screw naruto!!!...oh wait, i do.../snrt"
a moment alive (0:50:12): an wreck havoc
a moment alive (0:50:15): and*
a moment alive (0:50:17): LMAO
shortitude (0:50:51): yes
shortitude (0:50:58): and...i wish we can get people to like
shortitude (0:51:07): come in and out of the log occasionally
shortitude (0:51:13): to witness it and interact with them
shortitude (0:52:00): ...and ....
a moment alive (0:52:01): yesssss
a moment alive (0:52:03): omg
shortitude (0:52:04): they should also end up in jail
a moment alive (0:52:08): LMFAO
shortitude (0:52:13): with sakura going
shortitude (0:52:20): "don't worry...you can be my bitch"
a moment alive (0:52:30): HAHA NO NEVER
shortitude (0:52:30): and then, cue a fight of whom is whose bitch
shortitude (0:52:44): and they end up being separated into a single cell lmao or just
shortitude (0:52:52): set free before they set the roof on fire ide
a moment alive (0:53:36): Sakura needs to get into an arm wrestling match
shortitude (0:53:40): YES
shortitude (0:53:41): TOTALLY
a moment alive (0:53:52): Ino would be the only person betting on her
a moment alive (0:53:54): but she'd WIN
a moment alive (0:54:05): oh my god LMFAO
shortitude (0:54:16): LMAO YES
shortitude (0:54:20): and they'd be rich
shortitude (0:54:24): and use the money to like
shortitude (0:54:26): get more drinks
a moment alive (0:54:30): YES
shortitude (0:54:31): for all the LADIEEESSS
shortitude (0:54:33): at the bar
a moment alive (0:54:35): lmfaoooooo
shortitude (0:54:43): "let us ladies treat YOU ladies like...real ladies!"
shortitude (0:54:54): "since all guys here are wusses"
a moment alive (0:54:55): YEAH
shortitude (0:55:22): LESBIAN HEROINES
shortitude (0:55:23): K
a moment alive (0:55:44): this sounds amazing
a moment alive (0:55:50): the morning after will be great
shortitude (0:56:07): "stop shoutiiiing" "sakura-chan, i'm whispering" "liarrrrr"
a moment alive (0:56:07): damn, this isn't fair
a moment alive (0:56:16): SAKURA CAN GO HOME TO NARUTO
shortitude (0:56:23): .....awww
a moment alive (0:56:24): GET LAID
shortitude (0:56:31): DOES ...INO WANT TO GET CUDDLED d:
shortitude (0:56:37): BECAUSE....SHE COULD MAKE AN EXCEPTION
shortitude (0:56:44): AND MAKE IT A GIRLS' NIGHT OUT ALL THE WAY
shortitude (0:57:01): and just fall asleep on the same bed at some point
a moment alive (0:57:13): dljsflkjla
shortitude (0:57:30): "pig, i love you so much, if you were a guy, i'd have your babies...i promise...;;"
a moment alive (0:57:47): HAHAHAHAHA
a moment alive (0:57:49): oh my god
a moment alive (0:57:52): HAHAHA I CAN'T EVEN
shortitude (0:58:00): LMAO
shortitude (0:58:03): AND THEN THE NEXT DAY
shortitude (0:58:15): "....i said no such thing" "did so. i had you write it down and sign it, see"
a moment alive (0:58:25): djkflaf
a moment alive (0:58:31): fail lesbian sex
a moment alive (0:58:42): they'd get half naked and then pass out
shortitude (0:58:49): or maybe not even sex
shortitude (0:58:50): just like
shortitude (0:59:05): pass out half-way through the first cuddle
a moment alive (0:59:10): lmao yes

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