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Haruno Sakura: A Story In 13 Stanzas

01. Pink, Aerosmith

I went there. I regret nothing. I'm going to, from the bottom of my egotistical mind, think that this is exactly what everyone on the island thought when they saw hot pink haired girl arrive.

02.All Four Seasons, Sting

And then they probably thought that less once they met her: "that's my baby, she can be all four seasons in one day". Mood swings, do you has them?

03.Everyday I Love You Less And Less, Kaiser Chiefs

(...:) Three guesses who this is.) And okay, it's more of a "bitch song" than pointing fingers. It stands more for her general feeling towards the island and Atia, than tomato-loving assho-- I mean.

04.Kiss With a Fist, Florence + The Machine

...oh, come on. You don't need an explanation here. She does it because she loves you ♥</i>. This is also an Enter: Naruto song. Suddenly, her punching bag was there, and the sun was shiniiiiing again.

05.Kidding, Imogen Heap

This, on the other hand, is a bit of a Sasuke-related song. But rather than seeing as one that says 'i don't love you anymore', it's more like...Sakura's own bottled up jealousies, but instead of taking it with a smile, it's a bit of a 'bitch, plz' reaction...to the fact that romance chances = 0. "I could give you everything". But then again, you passed and missed this hot ride, so NEENER. NEENER.

06.Bruises, Chairlift

Something of a Team 7/Sakura song, in my mind. When she's pushing and pushing herself to become stronger, and it comes at a price -- but the story has a nice ending, because she has support, too. :) (Come on, Sasuke, we know you care, too!)

07.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Amy Winehouse

THIS IS BECAUSE SHE HAS ABANDONMENT ISSUES, AND ISSUES OF NOT BEING ENOUGH AND ISSUES UPON OTHER ISSUES, don't you know. Also, may or may not be related to the first times she rapes saves Naruto's life. :3

08.24, Jem

Thiiiiis just has a hugely ACTION packed song. That's why. I use this often when logging action...which happens not quite often.

09.Can't Stop Feeling, Franz Ferdinand

I'll admit I'm more on this for the beat than the actual lyrics. It's kinda badass. Plus: "you leave me here on my own, you leave me here on the floor, you can't feel it, you can't feel anymore" ...anyone familiar? Any two familiar, even?

10.Big Girls Don't Cry, Frankie Valli

...yes, I'm going with an oldie. What. Shush. This is the tough Sakura that acts all "I got this bitches" and then ends up bawing on her pillow at night. Sometimes! Contextually it fits with the point in time where Naruto left the island for a while, and she was all D: inside.

11.Bedshaped, Keane

Hi, Naruto's song. "I know you think I'm holding you down, and I've fallen by the wayside now, and I don't understand the same things as you, but I do." His return from home open gaps, but they're closing them again. And whatever happened there, he can tell her. (Even if he won't)

12.How To Save A Life, The Fray

This is probably the Sakura song per excellence. I feel like, in this game especially, there are a lot of things that are not being said--to Sasuke, to Naruto--and it's her silence that ends up slapping her in the face. She bottles a lot up. A lot of things scare her, and she's afraid of losing her friendship with the people she cares about, but she doesn't voice these fears through words--but rather, by guilting herself, or by pushing herself to become better. And from the N/S point of view, it's definitely that side of her that's...not communicating some very important things.

13.Howl, Florence + The Machine

Lucky number 13, and we end with a shippy song. This...is admitedly a very Naruto/Sakura song. At least at the present time. It's very wild, and I like it because it reminds me of how he's made her loosen up. And at the same time, the darkness is there, and that darkness is composed of all those feelings that she's starting to admit that she has for him that are materializing in the form of possessiveness. And wild sex

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