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Haruno Sakura



- Assistant at Euphemia's hostel.
+ schedule: evenings
- Gardener at Aerith's flower shop.
+ schedule: mornings
- On-Command Medicine:
Salves: 2 Amat/10 gr.
- against sunburn
- against rashes
- cooling effect
- relaxing effect
- revitalizing effect
- coagulant
- against burns

Herbs: 5 Amat/satchel
- sleep
- revitalizing
- relaxing
- against headaches, nausea, etc.

(And a vast variety of deus ex machina salves and teas, because she is that good and that is how she rolls.)


Description: A store co-founded by Sakura and Megumi (not on island any longer). Specialized in herbal medicine, made using the combined knowledge of Sakura's world and Megumi's world - chakra, water healing, herbology - covering everything from minor headaches to cures against STDs. Upon Megumi's departure, Sakura made Yamanaka Ino a co-owner, and the store adopted a new direction. Lubes, profilactics, pills to avoid pregnancies were also added to their products (although Sakura strongly advises to use some goddamn condoms too if you're a hussy!). For some of their ingredients, they negociate with the entrepreneurs native to the island who own boats. For the most part, they use the herbs grown in the back of the store. With Yamanaka Ino's departure, the store is now undergoing reconstruction, admin-wise.
Facilities: Store, front desk, lab, office, back garden, bathrooms.
Employees: Haruno Sakura (owner; elaborates the recipes, medicine)
Looking for: (3) trainees; (1) night-time security guard


- On-call medic; mostly emergencies
- anwers to Himura Tomoe


-studying up on modern medicine
-running laps
Tags: !amat, !ooc, !organization
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